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company in the exhaust gas treating system including related business


company in the exhaust gas treating system including related business


company in the exhaust gas treating system including related business



     Thai Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd. is the company in the exhaust gas treating system, Consultant, Design, Installation, Maintenance and other services by Japanese & Thai engineering teams that are professional and expert in air pollution system control more than 20 years with the determination of work for quality of products and services.From our long experiences including modern technology, currently, Thai Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd. engineering teams have created the equipment for treatment of Sox, NOx and odor treatment according to the standard and widely acceptance besides the gas & fume treatment, such as Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, chromate, etc.

     Thai Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd. set the same standard for gas & fume treatment according to real data, real situation of gas & fume so that the exhaust gas treating system will be developed according to the problems of each user.Our engineers have specialist knowledge for gas & fume including technical knowledge to support their designing of the air pollution treatment system to run with full efficiency.When using technology for air pollution treatment system, the standard percentages of the pollution in the air have to comply with international standard. The air pollution treatment system does not only control the air pollution, it also supports for energy saving.

     For application of the air pollution treatment equipment from Thai Kyowa Kako Co., Ltd. to reach the most efficiency, we have to aware of.





Application Occurring gas Occurring situation Occurring source Remarks


Fume and gas of sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid chromiv acid. Generation from tank surface.
Up to liquid temperature of 80 ◦c
Acid using place in plating , pickling and general factories. Treatment can be done by this equipment, but consult with this company about selection.
Conditional application Fume and gas of caustic soda, Cyanide of soda, ammonia ,etc. Generation from tank, draft, clean bench, etc. Up to liquid temperature of 80 ◦c Plating factory, metal surface treating factory, laboratory, etc.
Fume and gas of hydrogen sulfide, phosphoric acid, acetic acid ,etc. Generation from tank, draft, clean bench, etc.
Up to liquid temperature of 80 ◦c
Chemical and food factories, fiber industry ,
Laboratory , etc.
Fume and gas of sulfuric acid and chromate. Generation from enclosed tank, reaction tank and furnace, etc. Chemical and medical factories, food factory , laboratory , etc.
When rarefied nitric acid is mixed with the above gases. Generaion from tank surface.Normal temperature. Bright dip.
Special subject Mixed acid gases including chlorine gas, nitric acid , nitrogen oxide and fluoric acid. Generation from draft, furnace,Tank surface,etc. Chemical factory, light metal factory , laboratory , glass industry , metal picking , etc. Consult specially with this company about these subjects.

1) Kind of treating gas/ 処理するガスの種類
2) Treating air amount ( m3/h or m3N/h )/ 風量 ( m3/h or m3N/h ) 
3) Temperature , normal ◦C (max. ◦C )/ 標準温度、最高温度 ◦C 
4) Occurring source/ 発生原因
5) Inlet gas concentration ppm (mg/m3N)/ 入口ガスの濃度 ppm
6) Outlet gas concentration ppm (mg/m3N)/ 出口ガスの濃度 ppm
7) Intel gas pressure/ 入口ガスの圧力
8) Kind of rinsing liquid/洗浄する液体の種類
9) Running time (h/d)/ 稼動時間 (h/d)
10) Power supply V x Hz x Æ/ 電力供給 V x Hz x Æ
11) Scope of supply/ 供給の範囲

  • Coil Acid Picking Line/ コイル 酸洗浄ライン
  • Air Pollution Control System & Engineering Consultancy/ 大気汚染防止システム及び, エンジニアリングコンサルティング
  • Exhaust Gas Treating Equipment ( Scrubber , Blower , Pump )/ 排ガス処理装置(スクラバー、送風機、ポンプ)
  • FRP & PVC Product/ FRP & PVC 製品
  • FRP & PVC Duct/ FRP & PVC ダクト
  • FRP Tank & FRP Lining/ FRPタンク & FRPライニング
  • Chemical Resistance Blower/ 耐薬品製 送風機
  • Chemical Resistance Pump/ 耐薬品製 ポンプ
  • Maintenance/ メンテナンス

09 April 2021

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